Digital Oral Thermometer and Thermal Imaging Camera

Digital Thermometer vs Thermal Imaging Camera


Digital Oral Thermometer and Thermal Imaging Camera

Objectives of the Digital Oral Thermometer and Thermal Imaging Camera

Both digital oral thermometer and thermal imaging camera have the same objective of simply measuring body temperature accurately and consistently.

The Difference between the two devices

So what is the difference between them? Well digital oral thermometer is actually used by inserting into certain spots where heat cannot be cooled by the environment surrounding temperature. The reason for doing this is so that it will ensure precision when measuring the temperature.

On the other hand, Thermal Imaging Camera is meant to check any objects or humans temperature while maintaining some distance away from the targets and record down the temperature accurately

Temperature accuracy between the two devices

Digital oral thermometer is most likely to be accurate when it comes down to one point of contact that is needed to measure temperature upon close non contact with the object. But, for measuring objects in a certain distance, the clear winner for this will be the thermal imaging camera. Despite having slight margin of error for accuracy, it’s ability to detect and display the object’s body temperature is very useful nonetheless. 

Advantages of the two devices

The Digital oral thermometer is easier to read,operate and is a cheaper alternative than the thermal imaging camera.

Thermal imaging camera locates all temperature of the object shown on the screen of the device without going close to it. It’s also convenient to use since you don’t need much manpower to operate it so as to prevent many false alarms.

Disadvantages of both devices

Digital oral thermometer battery may have a hard time capping back when opening and closing a few times. It also cannot be fully submerged in water when cleaning it. There is no battery bar indication on most digital oral thermometers and have to be cleansed with alcohol to be safe after every usage.

Thermal imaging camera are quite expensive and needs to be maintain once in awhile. The device can break quite easily when dropping it multiple times. The usage environment needs to be clean, without dust or high humidity which can affect the results of the body temperature.

Cost of each devices

When it comes to purchasing the device, Digital oral thermometer will tend to be much cheaper price than the thermal imaging camera.

Working environment for the two devices

With the recent Covid 19 outbreak that is happening around the world, thermal imaging camera are used extensively to help contain the spread of the virus by checking for abnormal temperature of a person. Nowadays, you can commonly find them in shopping malls,offices,industries,supermarkets and many more. For digital oral thermometer, its main environment consumption will be to do self monitoring at home for your own temperature.

Is both devices essential for today’s economy ?

Yes. It is essential for today’s economy with the currently worldwide pandemic going on to help keep people safe which can play somewhat of a critical role to help reopen back some business as well. It may not be a profit based system but it will overtime help ensure the business can continue even with the presence of a deadly virus. 

where do i get a digital thermometer or a thermal imaging camera

Digital Oral thermometer can be purchased in any pharmacy, medical health center, and you can get it online too.

Thermal imaging camera can be purchased at most of the electronic hardware store or online sites. We do sell thermal imaging cameras and we provide onsite demonstration in USA. You can check it out more here if you are interested.

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